So what is a LCOY?

A Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) is an event of YOUNGO, the official youth-constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is a national version of the global COY, which takes place right before the Conference of Parties (COP), the annual UN Conference on Climate Change. As an official LCOY, our aim is not only to educate people on climate issues but also to prepare youth to participate in the global COY. We will provide a setting for participants to connect to the global COP, to learn about UN processes, and to share their own voices. 

We are open for any questions. So if you want to host a session or have a question about the summit, contact us at the bottom of the page.

What is our aim?

The LCOY is a conference for :

  1. Mobilising youth and sharing the realisation that we have a voice.

  2. Accelerating climate action.

  3. Providing a bridge for youth to the UNFCCC and the COP in Poland.

  4. Connecting with youth groups and LCOYs in other countries.

However, we're also looking for you to help us guide our vision, and, in fact, this will be an integral part of the event. For a full overview of our current guiding vision, look below:

Who can join?

We welcome motivated youth, student activists, scientists, green entrepreneurs, sustainable developers, and anyone else who wants to get involved!

Meet like-minded people, build strong connections, develop ideas in thought-provoking workshops, and help the Dutch youth to raise a voice in the climate discussions. If you want to host a workshop or presentation (or anything else), send us an email by hitting the contact button below.

When is the event?

The event will be during the weekend of the 19th - 21st October. Sign up at the bottom of the page for our email newsletter (we promise not to bombard you with emails) in order to stay in touch and receive our updates.

Who are we?


This isn't even all of us. But it should let you know that there are a whole bunch of people trying to make this a reality.