April Inclusivity Workshop


We have had an interesting workshop on the topic of “inclusivity in the LCOY-team”. The speaker Onur Sahin, walked us through some terminologies, how biases work, how categorisation is part of our brain, how to trigger associations, and what works and what does not in becoming more inclusive.

The process of becoming more inclusive is time consuming and requires readiness and active participation from everyone. We cannot publicize a full presentation but here are few slides to glance through to get an idea what we discussed.

If you want this same presentation being held at your place, send him a message through o.sahin@uu.nl  and discuss the possibilities. He likes to help out wherever he can. It’s worth it to get some ideas in your head affirmed or debunked, or to atleast start talking about this subject to set out your short/long term strategies regarding the topic of “diversity and inclusivity”.