Join the LCOY Team!


We are looking for new team members!

What is an LCOY?

The Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) is about informing, connecting and mobilising youth for climate related issues and creating a bridge towards the upcoming COP. The LCOYnl 2019 conference will be held on the 8-10/11 in Ruigoord, and will take the form of different workshops, panel-talks and discussion groups, and moreover will become a place for like-minded young people to come together.

Are you interested?

This is a great learning opportunity to gain practical skills and insights as to how to setup a successful conference, but also to learn more about climate issues and its solutions through the initiatives of young people.

Experience is good, but not required! We are open to everybody who is motivated and excited about such an opportunity and hope to thereby bring together a mosaic of different young people in working together towards a better sustainable planet.  

What positions?

We have various teams working in different areas of whom you could become a part of, here is a short summary of these. But please find the full description of the open team positions below.

  • Finance
    Goal: Reaching out to potential sponsors and applying for funding.

  • Logistics

  • Goal: Creating the spaces, food and accommodation facilities for the conference.

  • Media and promo
    Goal: Creating content for social media and promoting the conference.

  • Network and output
    Goal: Creating a conference output which can be practically used and applied beyond the conference.

How do I join?

Hooray! Please fill in this google form. We’ll then contact you once we receive your application!

Want to join but want to meet us first?

We understand! We regularly organize open meetings which you can attend to get to know the team, learn more about the conference and ask all the questions you may have. This info-meeting will be held on Thursday 27th of June in Amsterdam-Noord. Stay updated for more info about the exact time and location. You can find more information on our facebook page. Send us a quick message per email at or message us on facebook beforehand to make sure we know you’re coming!

We hope that YOU will join us

Deadline: Wednesday July 4th

Open positions

Finance team

Become part of the finance team! We are busy with writing funding applications, creating a budget, imagining different scenarios of how the conference might go financially and keeping the other working groups on track. You don't have to live in Amsterdam to join us, most work can be done from pretty much anywhere. It is great if you speak (and write) dutch, but not necessary. We're looking forward to reading your application!

Media and Promotion team

The Media and Promotion team is in charge of the media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and the LCOY Netherlands website. We use these to inform people of our upcoming events, workshops, involvement and opportunities. The team is in charge of the presentation of the LCOY to the rest of the world, give insights into the LCOY-organizing team and ensure enthusiasm and participation before, during and after the event.

We are looking for four additional members to our team!

We are looking for people to take on responsibility for social media content creation in the form of text, video, audio and others. A person who is responsible for the ticket promotion and marketing of the event - someone who’d know how to best advertise the conference. Someone who has an eye for design (some knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator is preferred) and likes creating posters, websites and other visuals. We also welcome people with more general ideas for campaigning (think organizing a demonstration, movie night or other small events) around the theme of climate change. However, what is most important is that you are enthusiastic about the LCOY and driven to help the event a success in a way that accelerates climate action!

Logistics Team

In the last few months I have been part of the logistics team of LCOY, but unfortunately I am leaving the country soon, so we are looking for some new people to join the team. Being responsible for logistics means contributing to finding the location, a caterer, and overall making sure people have a good experience at the conference! Now that many of the tasks have already been done, what you can expect in the logistics team is to prepare smaller tasks for the weekend. The logistics team is the most hands-on during the conference itself dealing with anything from hungry participants to the set-up of all workshops. We make sure everything is in the right place and on the right time. Does this sound like something for you? Then apply!

Network and Output Team

The  Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) working group “Network and Output” is looking for more members! In order to prepare for the LCOY and make it a success, a dedicated team willing to invest time and energy is needed. Commitment is key to creating a unique and enriching experience for all the people involved.

The “Network and Output” working group is responsible for a set of different tasks, including communicating with other LCOYs and organisations, nationally as well as internationally, and deciding on an output that should result from the LCOY. Furthermore, it reflects on how to integrate and connect this output to the programme of the conference, and searches for ways to publicise it. Other tasks consist of mapping out youth actors across Europe in the field of sustainability, and creating a toolkit for future LCOYs to use when setting up a conference.

The LCOY working group “Network and Output” enables you to connect with many young people around the world that also aim at acting against climate change and increasing awareness on the urgency of the topic. You can help shape the output that will have influences on the global Conference of Youth (COY), followed by the Conference of Parties (COP).

If you want to be part of this exciting journey and help us realise the goals of the “Network and Output” working group, join us!