Our Guiding Vision


Last year, we organised the first Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) held in the Netherlands. As part of the growing international network of LCOYs, this conference enabled over 200 young people to come together to further explore and build upon collective action when facing our biggest challenge yet: climate change.In 2019, our notion of climate change has shifted to one of climate crisis. Youth activists are fighting for their future on an unprecedented scale in the Netherlands and around the world. We need to ensure that this call is heard by politicians and negotiators, and that it will lead to the necessary level of climate action on both a national and international scale.

LCOY NL is committed to building connections between young individuals in the Netherlands, youth organizations, international youth groups involved in the climate movement, and intergovernmental institutions including the United Nations (UN). We aim to build expertise on the subject of international youth engagement. It is our mission to use this expertise to empower young people through building a community in which youth can share knowledge and skills as well as voice their opinions. In doing so, we want to identify the barriers to becoming active within the climate movement and allow people to work towards overcoming these barriers.

LCOY 2019 will work to lay the foundations for this community by being an open and inclusive conference. Additionally, we aim to represent different people’s realities whilst make the international climate change movement more accessible.


Our vision involves establishing a strong, transferable network of informed and active youth dedicated to minimising the extent and effects of global warming through international collaboration starting on a local level. Furthermore, we want to have a lasting impact by serving as a bridge between passionate young individuals and inspiring organizations within their community. In doing so, we would like to increase awareness and empower youth to take effective action by giving them the tools that will enable them to build or redefine their community. Every person should be in a position to stand up for their rights and for the rights of all, and we believe is paramount that young people are able to achieve this through self-organisation, taking charge of their own lives, and becoming global citizens.