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Do you wish to contribute to the programme in the name of an entity? (If you are not submitting in on behalf of an entity, leave the questions below open). E.g. institution, company, or activist group. Please keep in mind that you cannot submit to the programme on behalf of a political party.
Programme contribution
Make sure to provide information on the main topics of the contribution, and some details on how you will approach these topics. Use up to 150 words.
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Which of the following ‘tags’ fit your contribution best? Please choose between 1 and 3 tags.
If your contribution does not have a specific target audience, please leave this open. Examples of a target audience are ‘students with basic knowledge of atmospheric chemistry’, ‘people who already took part in civil disobedience actions’, or ‘people who have already attended a specific earlier session at the LCOY’.
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If you wish to hold a contribution longer than 165 minutes, please select 165 minutes here and make a remark at the end of the form.
For most programme contributions, the number of participants will be limited to 25. If the number of participants of your contribution is limited to a number lower than 25, please specify how many people can participate here. If your contribution would work out better with more than 25 participants, please indicate this at the end of the form.
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Would you like to hold your contribution multiple times during the LCOY?
If you are willing to hold your contribution more than once during the LCOY, please indicate how many times you are willing to hold the contribution at most.
Equipment Needed
Please indicate any specific equipment you need for your contribution. We will try to provide any equipment necessary, but if we are unable to do so, we will contact you to look for a solution. Note that WiFi is available in any case. If you need a specific type of setting (other than the standard classrooms), please indicate this at the end of the form.
Additional Comments
Any issues that could not be addressed earlier in the form can be answered here. This includes, but is not limited to, requests concerning contribution setting, a number of participants exceeding 25, or contributions that last longer than 165 minutes.
Is there anything you would like to know about the LCOY or its programme? Anything goes, questions are never wrong!