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Effective climate solutions as business model

“What is the fastest, simplest, and most sustainable way to travel from Amsterdam to the south of France?” Jeppe’s story started with this question in 2016 when he was planning a trip with his friends. He clicked himself through innumerable French, Dutch, and German websites but at the end of the day he still didn’t have an answer. This is when the idea of Greentickets was born, a website that integrates information on trains, busses, and flights in Europe and lets you search for the best way to get from A to B. What is unique about Greentickets is that it not just compares the prices and durations of different travel options but also their CO2 footprints. This way a traveller can decide themselve how much to consider environmental factors when making a final decision.

One could call Jeppe a serial project-starter. During his studies in industrial design he used his experience in software engineering to built several small applications and websites. An app that can measure your heartbeat; Or a website for personal time management; These are just two examples how Jeppe turned daily life problems into a smart solutions. In this regard the case of Greentickets is not an exception. He admits that in the beginning, he was mainly driven by curiosity and the prospect to create a successful business. Considerations to protect the environment were at that point rather secondary.

This, however, changed in the following months when he learned more about global warming and got introduced to the climate activist scene of the Netherlands. He says that learning about climate change and getting to know people who are extremely passionate about the environment were probably the two most interesting aspects of working on Greentickets. But he also says that this passion can also make things more difficult. He remembers one particular case when he had to decide whether or not to offer flights as an option on his website. Many people told him not to do so: the argument was that flights are too polluting to be a part of a solution for the travelling sector. But Jeppe decided to do otherwise.

Next to busses and trains, Greentickets also compares plane tickets. In many cases, say on a trip from Amsterdam to Marseille, they appear as the recommended cheapest and fastest option. Jeppe explains that by presenting all possible travelling options, a person who once chooses to fly might take an alternative the next time. Also, by directly comparing the busses, trains, and planes with each other it often becomes clear that flying is not even cheaper or faster if one considers a trip from door to door. When he speaks like this it becomes clear that Jeppe does not just want to build a website for all those who are concerned about the climate. His goal is to make Greentickets the leading website to find travelling connections in Europe and to provide the necessary information to make sustainable decisions.

Green Tickets promotes sustainable traveling with a platform that enables finding, comparing and booking of travel tickets in Europe

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